M. Moore Construction - Backhoe Damage
Photos: Ed Goham
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Customer's home was damaged by a backhoe. The backhoe punched a hole in the side of the house directly into a bedroom. Two studs were shattered. No electrical damage. The main exterior structural damage was confined to an area roughly 4' x 8'. We used aluminum siding panels with an 8" profile. The front corner (two piece unit) and nine courses of siding were also damaged along with the front gutter that we replaced. We managed to do all of this without disturbing the robins' nest perched on top of the downspout. The interior was a bit more, that repair will follow the exterior repair. The initial pictures are posted.

01_backhoe_damage 02_backhoe_damage 03_backhoe_damage 04_backhoe_damage 05_backhoe_damage
06_backhoe_damage 07_backhoe_damage 08_backhoe_damage 09_backhoe_damage 10_backhoe_damage
11_backhoe_damage 12_backhoe_damage 13_backhoe_damage 14_backhoe_damage 14a_backhoe_damage
14b_backhoe_damage 14c_backhoe_damage 15_backhoe_damage 16_backhoe_damage 17_backhoe_damage